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You are in control

Unique Funeral Plans was started by two partners who, after a thorough analysis of the UK funeral industry, decided that it simply wasn’t working as well as it should do for consumers.

Rising costs and high initial outlays coupled with a lack of transparency and clarity have meant that customers have been unable to make informed decisions about end of life care without unwanted pushy sales calls and inflated prices.

At Unique, you are in control: We can promise you that no salesperson will call and that your plan conditions will be transparent from day one.

We are the best value funeral plan provider in the market without compromising on quality and are so confident in our ability to service your needs whilst saving you money at the same time, that we are offering a 15 year plan refund and funeral pledge.

That’s right, if your plan has not been called upon within 15 years we will refund both your plan money and pay for your funeral when the time comes*

*Please refer to our Terms and Condition for full details

The very best value plans are affordable to all

We believe that planning for your end of life care shouldn’t cost a fortune. We have produced plans to cover all price brackets that ensure all plan holders have an end of life celebration that they desire and with our Plan Refund and Funeral Pledge, we are the only company in the world that gives you the opportunity to have a bespoke end of life service entirely free.

Supporting you and your family

Your wishes and your loved one’s welfare are central to everything we do at Unique Funeral Plans. We want to ensure that every aspect of your final wishes are carried out to the letter and that your loved ones have all the necessary support at the time when it is most needed. This doesn’t stop after the funeral. Our trained personnel will remain in contact with them offering support advice and guidance for as long as is needed.

Unique, just like you.



All of our plans come with a 15 year plan refund pledge. If your plan has not been called upon within the first 15 years, you will receive a full refund and have your funeral paid for.


We are up to 18-25% cheaper than other funeral plan providers and do not believe in compromising on quality. We believe we have the best value, all inclusive plans in the UK.


We constantly monitor all the funeral directors on our database to ensure that they are performing to the best of their ability.


Your choice of quality funeral director, your choice of plan and service at an unbeatable price.


Your money is kept safely in an investment trust: The Sterling Trust Corporation Ltd. It is ringfenced and so if anything happens to us, both your plan and refund are 100% secure and safe.